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Claudia Zamora

Personal Development – Metaphysics

Claudia Zamora nació en la ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina. Es terapeuta, life coach y consultora espiritual; profesión que ejerce actualmente desde Carolina del Norte, EEUU donde reside desde el año 2001. Autora de títulos como “Dulce Sincronía”, “El ideal de lo Posible”, “Amigas Zorras”, “Fusión”, “Tatuados con la Cruz del Sur”, “Oráculo Abierto”, “Viviendo en Unidad”, “Susurros” además de la Serie Infantil NYX y algunos ensayos vinculados a la educación en Latinoamerica.

Claudia despliega sus habilidades en una alta gama de estilos y géneros y ha conseguido la admiración de lectores de todo el mundo.

Argentinean-born, American writer Claudia Zamora has always tried her best to grasp as much as she could right from an early age and as soon as she was able to observe and learn. The road to attaining the knowledge to better understand herself and those around her became clearer with the passage of time. She has been successful in carving out treasures from her experiences, she has polished her personality with the pearls of knowledge and wisdom. This same knowledge and wisdom has helped her to become a well-known professional life coach, NLP specialist, and successful spiritual mentor. Claudia initiated her professional writing career in 1994 when she published her first essay “Sofia Education for Life”. During the 90’s she wrote several essays that were key in showcasing her abilities as a writer and these essays helped to catapult her writing career. Claudia’s focus early on was to promote a new system of innovation in education. In 1998 alongside her children, she wrote her first children’s book called “Asterina”. Over the years Claudia Zamora was able to transform her struggles and challenges into the gems of her words. In 2004, she published her first metaphysics work “Open Oracle” and in 2004 Claudia Zamora became a full-time writer. Claudia Zamora has a complete command of the Spanish and English language and this enables her to express her ideas in a wide array of ways providing versatility to her writing style. She has penned 8 books allowing her readers greater insight to her thinking, concepts, and believes. Claudia Zamora’s most celebrated work is Ideal Possibility – A book that enables the reader to understand the importance and the significance of pursuing happiness. In her book, Sweet Synchronicity, she delivers strong life lessons through her enthralling character Amanda Paz. Foxy Friends is divided into 10 sub-stories that shed light on life struggles and battles that many women have to face. Foxy friends and Ideal Possibility are also available in Spanish with the titles Amigas Zorras and El Ideal de lo Posible respectively. Her other renowned Spanish works includes Oráculo Abierto, Tatuados con la Cruz del Sur, Dulce Sincronía, Viviendo en Unidad, 13 Mangos, Fusion and Susurros.

  • Tatuados con la Cruz del Sur (Spanish Edition) Independently published (February 3, 2015)
  • Dulce Sincronia (Volume 1) (Spanish Edition) Independently published (August 2, 2012)
  • Ideal Possibility (Volume 2) Independently published (August 7, 2012)
  • Fusion: Connecting our Mind Power with our Goals Independently published (April 8, 2018)
  • Oráculo Abierto: Guía Profesional de Tarot Independently published (August 6, 2012)